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A Twitter party is a great enhancement to any company's social media marketing plan. It's a fun way to engage customers and prospects in real-time and get the word out about your brand. Here are some of the benefits to having a Twitter party:

  • Heightened awareness of your company's products and services
  • Increase in web site traffic before, during and after event
  • Gain in Twitter or Facebook followers or subscribers to your e-mailing list
  • Ability to have your message spread rapidly via Twitter
  • Low-cost advertising method
  • Great way to engage customers and get them talking about your brand
  • Ability to track those who have participated in your party (through pre-party registration and hashtag analysis)

But planning a Twitter party can be a daunting task. Here are just some of the many ways TweeParties can help you prepare for your party:

  • Develop a party theme and write a script to help with time management
  • Design and implement a web site landing page for party promotion/collecting attendee info
  • Write and edit advertising/web site copy
  • Use multiple social media channels for promotion and advertising of the party
  • Host the party or teach you on how to host it yourself
  • Give a detailed post-party report, including list of new followers/subscribers and their e-mails, prize fulfillment and details of your hashtag's performance before, during and after the event
  • We also offer 'a la carte' services for those who want to do most of the planning & hosting themselves, but who might need a little help in certain areas such as co-hosting, hashtag tracking, info page set up or pre-party promoting

We now also offer blogger outreach programs and promotions! Studies show that more and more people seek recommendations and referrals online before making purchasing decisions. Reach a core demographic -- moms -- by creating meaningful content through a network of bloggers. Generate more buzz for your brand with a combination of Twitter parties and blogger outreach.

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