About TweeParties

Everyone loves a good party. I love a good party and social media too.

Naturally, I was drawn to Twitter parties. I started attending them regularly and had a blast! They're fun, engaging, and exciting. With a background in marketing and journalism, I was interested in learning how such interactive social media events could help businesses build their brands and increase product awareness.

So I began to organize and host Twitter parties. I found that I loved planning them as much as attending them. And, I was told that I was pretty darn good at it. Quickly, I asked a few 'birds of a feather' to flock together with me and form TweeParties, Inc.

Having a Twitter party is much like building a nest: it takes the coming together of many pieces in order to have a solid, finished product. TweeParties can help guide you through this process, whether you are a company wishing to hold a party, a marketing company that wants to offer this service to clients, or a party attendee. From brainstorming party themes and ideas, to conception, promotion, hosting and post-party data analysis, TweeParties has the marketing experience, creativity and technical know-how to help make your social media experience soar! If you're looking for a way to help your brand take flight, give TweeParties a try!

For more information on our hosting services, check out our hosting page.

See you at the next TweeParty!


Erin Boudreau, Founder

TweeParties, Inc.