TweeParties Etiquette and Tips


Social media is meant to be fun! Any TweeParties event you attend should be just that: one nest rockin' good time! It's also place to make some new friends, learn something new, ask questions and interact with other 'birds of a feather.'

Here are some etiquette guidelines and tips to help make your TweeParties experience as enjoyable as possible!



Twee Bird- Do be nice to other party attendees. Don't insult or pick a fight with someone who has a different opinion or point of view.

- Don't use a party to spam people or promote a business or idea unrelated to the party.

- Don't use foul or inappropriate language. Definitely not for the birds.

- Do be yourself and have fun!



Another TweeBird!- Don't worry if the party seems fast-paced and you can't keep up with everyone. Like any 'real' party you might attend, you can't be part of every conversation in every corner of the room all at once.

- Do follow the party hashtag and include it in each one of your tweets during the party so all attendees can see your tweets. Using a Twitter aggregator program (see next bullet point) makes this easy by automatically including the hashtag in every tweet you send.

- Do use a Twitter aggregator. An aggregator is a free program that helps keep track of hashtags. Using an aggregator makes attending a party easier. Popular aggregators are:Tweet Deck, Twubs, or We will e-mail a custom Tweet Grid link for each TweeParties party the day before the event.

- Do follow the party hosts. Each party will list a host or hosts for the event. Be sure to follow them! (You can start by following TweeParties on Twitter!)

- Do check out our BEGINNER'S GUIDE for more advice on attending your first party!

- Do sign up to be a TweeVIP and be the first to learn about upcoming parties!

- Do contact us at if you have any other questions or concerns!