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Q: What are Twitter Parties?

A: Twitter parties are fun, fast-paced, live events held on Twitter. They are usually an hour or two in length and have a certain topic or theme that draws people to them. All attendees need to do is get a free Twitter account. The parties are free to attend. Users then become part of the fun by tweeting a specific #hashtag (or keyword) in each tweet they send during the event. For attendees, Twitter parties and chats are entertaining, informative, and interactive. For companies, they are a way to generate buzz for products and services, engage consumers in real-time, get feedback from users, and increase followers, subscribers and web site traffic.

Q: I Want to Attend Twitter Parties. Where Do I Start?

Twee Bird GraphicA: If you're new to Twitter parties, fly on over to our Beginner's Guide to get started. We've also created a special Etiquette and Tips Page where you will find tips and recommended aggregator (follower) programs to help you have a smooth party experience. To learn about the next TweeParties and get up-to-date information on upcoming Twitter events, sign up to become a TweeVIP or visit our Event Resources Page. If you're new to Twitter, check out our Twitter Terminology page to learn common terms.

Q: I'd Like to Hold a Twitter Party to Promote My Business. Where Do I Begin?

Another Twee Bird GraphicA: Right here. From brainstorming party theme ideas, organizing, planning, promoting and hosting, TweeParties can guide you through the process of holding your own Twitter Party or organizing and promoting regular chats. We'll make sure we have every aspect of your party covered, from initial concept, right down to the last tweet. Check out our hosting page to learn how TweeParties can help your business! Now Available: TweeParties Guide to Twitter Parties! A Complete eBook to take you from planning, and promoting to hosting your own event! LEARN MORE HERE!

Q: What's So Special About TweeParties?

A: We have the creativity, technical know-how and marketing experience to make your Twitter party a success! We'll help you develop a party theme and outline (or "script"), design and implement an interactive registration page, write ad copy and press releases, and promote your party through various web sites and social networks. We can help host your party--we have backup computers and a backup internet service to ensure that as long as Twitter is working, so are we. After the party, we can post a transcript of the party for attendees to reference, help fulfill prizes, give you a list of all registrants and contact information, and provide you with a post-party performance report to help you determine your hashtag's reach, impressions and number of users. Learn more here.

Q: Do Twitter Parties really work in expanding my company's or brand's visibility?

A: Yes! According to Twitter, there are approximately 284 million active Twitter users sending more than 500 million tweets per day. Twitter parties are unique in that you are not simply advertising your brand or selling your products. You are asking users to join you in a fun, interactive event where they can learn, have fun and possibly win a sample of your product. Someone who is engaged in a conversation with you is more willing to listen to your message and welcome it. You'll also find an increase in followers, mail list signups, web site traffic, and product inquires before, during and after the party. Creating an event that you can promote beforehand also helps generate buzz about your business, in ways that simply tweeting about your products or industry cannot.